James Whitbourn’s works are published by three houses: from 2019, his works were published by Oxford University Press. From 2001 to 2019, his works were published by Chester Music, part of the Music Sales Group. Ten works, written prior to 2001, are published by Encore Publications.


For any of the works published by Encore Publications, please contact the publisher directly.


For the works published by Chester Music, please use the following guidance:


First, you should check on the work list (Chester Novello) to obtain the CHxxxx reference number given to each published work. This will help your retailer.


If you wish to buy scores, you can do so through your retailer, who will order via Hal Leonard, exclusive distributor for Music Sales in the USA. Alternatively, you can visit Hal Leonards website which provides a forwarding service to various retailers’ websites. If the piece you want is not on your retailer’s (or Hal Leonard’s) database this will merely be an updating issue and it does not mean it is unavailable (even if the computer shows it as unavailable). Please ask your retailer to contact Chester Music directly if this happens.


Alternatively, you can also order directly via, although a shipping charge will be applicable.


Some items are also available for hire. To enquire about hiring scores, please contact G Schirmer Inc


There are two works that need special attention:


ANNELIES is available in two scorings: one for full orchestra and one for chamber ensemble. Even though the vocal writing is essentially the same across both scorings, it is important you obtain the correct copies:


In the orchestral scoring, the orchestral parts are available only on hire, via G Schirmer Inc. The Full Score (CH69278-01) is available for purchase or for hire. It can be purchased through Hal Leonard or hired through G Schirmer Inc.


In the chamber scoring, the instrumental parts are available for purchase through Hal Leonard (CH73326-01).


There is a single Vocal Score that serves both scorings.


MISSA CAROLAE is available in two scorings: one for choir, organ, piccolo, brass ensemble and percussion, and one for choir, organ and (optional) piccolo. A single vocal score serves both versions (and this is also the Full Score of the reduced scoring).


For the larger ensemble, the parts are available on hire only via G Schirmer Inc. For the smaller scoring, the piccolo part is available for purchase via Hal Leonard. (Note: the piccolo part is identical across both versions, but the organ part differs between the two scorings).


If you find difficulties getting hold of any work, please contact Kate Johnson at Chester Music.



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